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This page has a collection of some photos from our websites and relevent information and a contact form.

Highland Pottery has a number of domains with highlandpottery.

and a Sculpture website at highlandpottery-sculptures.co.uk

We have at this time two other domains speyvideo.com (was a video site) and creativitywebsite  (Was our gift shop) both are closed and now point to other highlandpottery domains.


About Highland Pottery. Based in the village of Newtonmore in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and can still be contacted although no longer running as a business. We made a range of quality hand Craft Pottery and Ceramics

For customers that have purchased from highland pottery in the past and know the product.
I have some pottery Stock at reduced Prices.
You can telephone me to see if I have what you require, and you will have to collect it from the House At,

That was the pottery in Newtonmore.


Highland Pottery

Church Terrace



Scotland PH20 1DT


01540 673636

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You will find the latest information about the sale of pottery and Sculptures here.If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form.

We will being giving reduced prices for ceramics and other items on our highlandpottery website.

50% Off all ceramics if you collect over 2024


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Some Photos from www.highlandpottery-sculptures.co.uk

Part of a tree sculpture

Part of a Chicken sculpture

Small Dragon for a light sculpture

Wind sculpture

Steel welded sculptures that are galvanised

About metal sculptures at highlandpottery-sculptures.co.uk

About the site and the metal sculpures by the artist W Forrest

I first started making metal sculptures at the start of 2016. My sculptures can take about 4 to 24 weeks or more to complete depending on the complexity. Sculptures are priced individually at the time of order and run from £250 to £9000 depending on complexity. All are galvanized.

All my metal sculptures are handmade and every single piece has to be hand shaped and welded before being connected or welded to other pieces or sections of the sculpture. This takes a lot of welding and time.
It can take some time to construct a sculpture, especially if it has a high number of smaller components like flowers or leaves. I use brand new steel for my sculptures as it can be galvanized on completion, this protects it from rusting and helps them last for more than 100 years. When galvanized it come out shiny but over time it will become a dark grey colour as the zinc coating oxidises.They can be galvanized again at a later time if required.

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